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Unique Automation Pvt.Ltd.:     M-003, Akshay regency, Plot No. 44, Gok...

Unique Automation Pvt.Ltd.:     M-003, Akshay regency, Plot No. 44, Gok...:     M-003, Akshay regency, Plot No. 44,  Gokulpeth, Nagpur - 440 010  Maharastra , India  Telefax : 91 712 2546656  Mobile...
M-003, Akshay regency, Plot No. 44, Gokulpeth, Nagpur - 440 010 Maharastra , India 
Telefax : +91 712 2546656 Mobile No. : +91 9422146091 Email :

                                                   “ Unique People Unique Products"

Unique Automation Pvt. Ltd. has been in the business of PC based custom built solutions since 1995. Its operation covers R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Support.

Technically qualified founder members of the company have rich experience in the fields of R&D and Electronics. Company’s technical resources and commitment to new technologies have led to series of products that have proved to be great performers.

The products include
  • Weighing Applications
  • Various types of Rolling/Scrolling/Graphic Display Systems, Traffic Display Systems, Machine Status Displays, Production Display Systems, Customised Displays etc
  • Autoconer Data Acquisition System
  • Ring Frame Data Acquisition System
  • Baler Data Acquisition System
  • DOFF Timer System for Equal Length Application on Texturizing Machines, Warping Sampler Machine Automation (Hergeth, Suzuki, etc)
  • Energy Saving Systems for Lighting Load
Almost 50% of the Company’s turnover comes through Export of the above customized products. The company is also working as OEM for a high end Temperature Measurement Instruments provider.

Unique has succeeded in maintaining consistency with the following key elements in the business.

Unique products are based on latest Microcontroller Technology.

This important element is taken care in all Unique products. Precision and accuracy is reflected in elegant design of PCBs, enclosures and software. All semiconductor parts are used are industrial grade.

Unique is committed to total customer satisfaction.

Lastly, company’s capability to innovate and design new products in FUTURE gives it a leading edge in today’s technology driven world and keeps the customers satisfied all times.

Quality is the most important element that is taken care in all our production operations. High grade of precision and accuracy is reflected from our designs of the PCB, enclosures and software. Each semiconductor part used in production are of industrial grade.
For effective control over quality, we follow stringent measures at each production stage. Each product is tested for proper functioning prior to the delivery to assure the quality standards as per our quality guidelines. To test the products various testing instruments are used like calibration meters, oscilioscope, bench meters and other calibration machines.
R&D :-

We are mainly into R&D and design with an aim to develop effective technologies. We carry out extensive R&D experiments in order to develop innovative PC based products having improved features. The founder members are technically qualified and have rich experience in the field of Electronics R&D. To assist them, we have a team of highly competent technocrats who are engaged in research and analysis activities.
Development House & OEM :-
Because of our strong R&D unit, we are capable in designing and developing any electronic device within our product range. We have developed systems for GSM communication. In addition, we have developed a range of weighing applications with short range wireless connectivity using Zigbee and energy metering applications. This assists us to achieve global tenders for OEM suppliers.
Why Us :-
The prominent competitive advantages that places us ahead in the industry are:
#Adherence to international quality standards
#Well-furnished production unit
#Repeated business orders from clients
#Leading prices in the industry
#Timely delivery
#Sampling policy
#Various payment modes
After Sales Support :- Committed to achieve total customer satisfaction, we offer after sales services to our clients. All the products are supplied to clients after extensive testing and provide assistance in their installation. Afterwards, time-to-time or when clients required, we offer maintenance services.
Clientèle ;-
We are supplying our product range to all over India and Indonesia through OEM suppliers. We are reputed for superior product range and timely deliver of consignment. Having impressive business proficiency, we offer precision products and services. Our excellent business features allow us to serve a large client base in globe marketplace.

Custom Built Electronics:-
UNIQUE AUTOMATION PVT. LTD is in the business of custombuilt electronics since almost 1996 years. We provide high quality & affordable services with a huge amount & expertise in the relevant fields.
This covers the design, prototyping and development of all kinds of electronic hardware. We design according to the requirements of the customer. Normally we require the specifications for a design job from the customer. In case the customer is not from the electronics field, then we can convert the requirements of the customer supplied in “plain English” to functional and electrical specifications and then proceed towards completing the design

Our Domain Expertise;-  

  •  , Test & Measurement equipment.
  • ·         Short range wireless devices
    ·         Consumer Electronics.
  • Power Industries
  • Steel  industries
  • Automobile industries
  • Textile Industries
  • transportation & logistics industries
  • ·         Remote monitoring, Control, Alarm reporting & Telemetry devices.
  • ·         Medical Diagnostic Instruments.
    ·         Home Automation – Smart-homes
    ·         Factory Automation.
    ·         Instrumentation, Scientific
  • .

Types of Electronic Devices that we have designed:

  •   Substation Data Monitoring System
  •  Time/Temperature/Humidity DisplayProduction display system
  • LED/Seven Segment Displays with PC Interface
  • Computerised Token Display
  • Train Arrival Display System
  • Rail Coach Guidance System
  • Information Displays 6ft/8ft, as per customer’s requirement
  • Automatic Weather Station Display
  • LED Light Drivers          
  • ·  Molten Metal Temperature Measurement Equipment
    ·  Substation Data Acquisition System
    ·  Hand Held Devices for Data Acquisition Systems
    ·         ·  LED Based Score Boards with Wireless Keypad for Basket Ball, Hockey, Cricket, Badminton, Table tennis, Lawn Tennis, Boxing, etc  
  • GPS SPEEDOMETER :GPS Speedometer is mounted on a vehicle whose speed is to be monitored. This is used in the Plant Premises on Fork Lifts. The speed can be set through an external Key Pad and if the vehicle exceed the speed, an alert in the form of light as well as sound is generated.
  • TRAFFIC SIGNAL SYSTEMS:We have developed an LED based Traffic Signal System along with the Down Time Counters. Technology can be transferred on demand else we can supply as ODM
  • ·         Washing Machine Control System
  • ·         SMS Alert system for distribution control system
  • ·         GPS Clock with Auto Announcement System
    ·         Internet of Things (IOT) – Home Automation & Industrial Automation
    ·         Test & Measurement equipment, Instrumentation systems
    ·         Color LCD & Touch screens based HMI (Human Machine Interface), both Industrial & Consumer with – portable as well as fixed
    ·         3G/GSM/GPRS based Telemetry and Remote control
    ·         3G/GSM/GPRS based Remote Monitoring & Control systems
    ·         3G/GSM & GPS based location tracking systems
    ·         Data Acquisition System & Data logger
    ·         Yarn Length Control System
  • ·         Synchronizers For Texturising Machines
    ·  Sample Warping Machine Automation like Hergeth, Suzuki, etc.
    ·  Quality Control Laboratory Automation with MIS
    ·  Equal Length Package System for Teturising Machines Like Barmag, Murata, Aiki, etc.
    ·  Data Acquisition System for Baler (Bale Data system)with ststus display
    ·  Data Acquisition System for POY Production with MIS
    ·  Data Acquisition system for Ring Frame, Autoconer, etc.
    ·         ·  Dosing System
    ·         Immobilizer pairing tools/ Diagnostic Tools for two wheeler
    ·         Temperature Measurment with 4 digit 2.3 Display (wall mounted types)
    ·         Wireless control systems, Wireless Data Acquisition, Wireless mouse, Wireless water level indicator
    ·         Temperature/humidity control system with digital display & temperature set points with PID control
    ·         Remote Alarm Monitoring & reporting
    ·         Telephone line based (PSTN) telemetry modem, telephone line based remote control of devices, interactive voice based menu systems for controlling over telephone line
    ·         GPS based autopilot for model planes
    ·         Motor speed controllers & Motor drives
    ·         Fingerprint Biometric System
    ·         Audio & Voice based Systems
    ·         Low Power SMPS (switched mode) power supplies,
    ·         Battery charger (NiCD, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer etc)
    ·         PID control – Process Control System
    …….. and many more.
  • Specialization: We specialize in Embedded Systems Design, covering both hardware & firmware, software. We make use of microcontrollers & microprocessors along with additional hardware consisting of both analog & digital circuits. We also supplement our design services with small quantity production runs so that customers can test out how their product performs in the market & we can also fully manage the entire large volume production for customers
  • Our Products:-
  • LED Display:-We design and develop different types of information and LED display items like 
  • Information, Synchronous Clocks
  • GPS Clocks
  • Weather Station Information
  • Advertisement
  • Production information
  • Machine Status                                                                   

Matrix Displays:-This Matrix display are LED matrix, which is controlled from a PC. The display can provide large as well as small display. These display are widely used in several industrial and commercial applications for advertising or information purposes. All these systems can also be customized as per the requirement of clients

Remote Displays:-We offer remote display unit, which is installed with the sections of the DTY machines to indicate the status of the DOFF. This is a four digit machine status display that can be installed on either side of the DTY machines to show the DOFF status

Machine Status Displays :-This machines status display is also a used with DTY machines to show the DOFF status of machines to a remote place. It is a four digit status display system that can be installed on either side of the machine for indicating DOFF status

DOFF Timer Systems:- 

 The DOFF timer system is a modular electronic device designed and developed specifically for DTY machines. This system is highly useful when DTY machines are operated for equal length requirement for yarns. There are rotatable take-up shafts on both sides of the DTY machines. These shafts are provided with sensors. The timer system determines the beginning of yarn run and measures the length of running yarn. Further, it generates the visual indication on completion of the predefined yarn length The DTY machines have spindle positions, which consist of several sections of various positions. There are non-contact type yarn sensor and electromagnetic cutter installed with every spindle. The doff timer system also assists in sensing and cutting the yarns
 Matrix Clocks :-These are computer based matrix clock. Available in various working specifications, these date temp matrix clock can also be customized as per the requirements of the clients. All the products from this range finds ample application in displaying messages or advertisement in industries and commercial establisments. 
 Warper Automation Systems :-Sample Warping Machines are used in the requirement of Sample Design length, which is constantly changing in fashion industry. All these sample warping machines can be integrated with sample warper automation system. This system consists of window programming based computer and dedicated electronics hardware to control the machine. The PC communicates with the control electronics for commands to and status from the machine

LED LIGHT DRIVERS:-We are offering wide range of LEDlight Drivers Our entire product range is designed add developed as per the set quality standards prevailing in the industry. LED Drivers are abrasion resistant and comes within the budgetary limits.